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The corporate purpose of Fiera di Roma S.p.A. is to set up, organise and manage a system for the local, national and international marketing of goods and services through the orchestration of exhibitions and conferences and the provision of services.

Specifically, Fiera di Roma S.p.A. corporate purpose is to:

a) Manage Rome s expo district through the direct or indirect organisation of trade fairs and through the leasing of venues and the provision of services to companies and agencies that organise exhibitions and conferences. Fiera di Roma S.p.A. may also organise and stage trade events in Italy and overseas with a view to achieving greater integration between the expo system in Lazio and events held elsewhere.

b) Establish and/or manage other expo-industry organisations within the Rome area and market the expo area and its services in relation to any commercial opportunities that are aligned with the company s corporate purpose and are in the general interest, such as tender processes, conventions, seminars, assemblies or other events.

c) Co-ordinate, on behalf of the Regional Authority, the expo operations of other exhibition venues located throughout the region;

d) Organise and manage promotional and publicity projects in the national and international markets for the benefit of local enterprises, and organise and manage infrastructures and services geared towards the promotion of tourism.

e) Commission the construction, as part of the general framework for the regeneration of the entire expo district in Rome, of a Business Centre that will house stock exchanges, meeting rooms, offices and specialist centres for the presentation of information and advanced marketing services by other organisations with a similar corporate purpose.In line with the corporate purpose as defined above, there will be a special focus on promoting products and service providers located in Rome and in the wider Lazio region.

With a view to fulfilling its corporate purpose, the company may carry out investment and property operations, take out long-term loans and acquire shares in private companies, based in Italy or overseas, that have a similar corporate purpose. The company may also engage in any other financial initiatives, with the exception of the raising of funds from the public and any other activities specified in Legislative Decree No. 385/93.

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